7th Pictionary Spoiler Log Race

Saturday, September 23, 2023, 19:00 UTC • 21:00 CEST • 3PM EDT

What is a Pictionary Spoiler Log Race?

Each team consists of one Runner and one Spoiler Log Pilot who is drawing. The pilot has to figure out a way through the seed and how to tell their runner in drawing what checks they need to do. Hints are obviously disabled.

Before the race we will provide a room on magma.com (formerly known as aggie.io) to each team. The canvas will be set to 660×460 for restream purposes.

At the ±0 minute mark: The pilot is now allowed to look at the spoiler log and can start figuring out the route.

At the +15 minute mark: The pilot is allowed to start drawing and the runner is allowed to start the file.


The race uses the Standard ruleset.

The pilot is allowed to communicate to their partner only via drawing and may watch and hear the stream of the runner. Runners may talk to their pilot. We would prefer if the pilot did not directly respond to questions, as figuring things out is supposed to be part of the challenge, but in the end it's up to the individual teams.

Allowed: Arrows, question marks, ingame symbols, check marks, “X” for crossing out stuff.

Not allowed: Any kind of numbers or letters.


For having a better idea what we mean in regards with the rules / communication, here are some examples:

  1. The pilot draws 3 spiders and a bow. The runner then asks if there is a bow on 30 skulls. The pilot then draws a smiley or a checkmark for confirmation or a sad face for “no” — that is allowed.
  2. The runner just asks without a drawing if it's AD or if a specific check is required — that is not allowed.
  3. The team has prepared a language for specific checks to avoid the requirement to draw the check (like morse code etc.) — that is not allowed.
  4. The runner says “if I need to do the toilet check, draw a heart” — that is not allowed.
  5. The runner says: “since you didn't draw anything in the Lost Woods, I'm gonna skip all the checks there and go immediately to the Sacred Forest Meadow” — that is allowed.


The seed will be rolled on pull request #2064 which is based on version 7.1.166 of the randomizer.

  • S6 base
  • CAMC off
  • no hints (including altar)
  • shuffle songs anywhere
  • shuffle ocarinas (no ocarina start)
  • shuffle ocarina note buttons
  • randomize song melodies (including frogs 2)
  • randomize warp song destinations
  • shuffle frog song rupees
  • shuffle cows (house cow disabled)
  • child start, closed Door of Time

Further information

The race is organized by Fenhl, TeaGrenadier, Tjongejonge_, ksinjah, and melqwii. We will answer questions and inform about recent events on The Silver Gauntlets Discord in the #pictionary-spoiler-log channel (invite linkdirect channel link). If you have any questions, feel free to ask there!

Special thanks to winniedemon who will be helping us keep important posts from getting lost in the Discord!